Errors, oddities, omissions and credits
While we would wish the website to be error free, given the enormous amount of information collated here, there will of course be errors. Please let us know of any you come across using the details below; we will do our best to correct them. In particular all images that appear on the site are from the collections that have been made available to the project team over many years. We have tried hard to give credit to the photographer or artist as appropriate but would be pleased to rectify any incorrect attributions.

Also, if you have any interesting collections, perhaps where the species identifier appears to give strange results, please let us know. It may be an error on our part or on yours but it might be an undescribed species that you have found!

GDPR and privacy statement
No personal information is recorded when you visit If you login to the site using a username, we may place a cookie on your device to enable you to visit the site again without logging in again. No personal information, such as your real name, is stored with the username. In line with standard scientific custom and practice, the names of collectors and/or determiners of cited collections used to build a species description are included within the generated species description. If you are a collector or determiner whose name appears on the site and would like it removed, get in touch with us using the details below.
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If you have any queries with regard to our work or with regard to Hebeloma more generally please do contact us.
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